Friday, August 27, 2010

Moonshine Marley

Glancing first over his shoulder to make sure no one was around, Marley slipped into the cool darkness of the forest. The trees were thick along the road and Marley was grateful for their shade and shelter. Moving steadily deeper into the woods he went carefully making sure to leave no tracks. One could never be too safe in days like this. Finally after many minutes the dense undergrowth gave way to a small clearing. Marley dropped the burlap bag that contained the jugs and ingredients for a fresh batch from his shoulder.

“Good Evening Bella.” Marley stroked the copper still lovingly. He had worked hard to create this little retreat. It was something to bring in a little extra money. Filling his cup he sipped the liquid and sat on a log. “My goodness Bella, who would have thunk that I would end up running moonshine? It was never in my nature to go against the laws of this country, but what’s a fella to do when the country goes crazy with this prohibition? Humph, look at me out here in the woods talking to a chunk of copper like it was real.”

Getting up from the log he went over to empty the contents of the sill into two brown jugs. Plugging them with a cork he placed a flat rock on each to hold the cork in place. He filled the still and checked to make sure everything was running smoothly. Grabbing the jugs he headed back the way he came. With any luck he could make it into town and deliver the hooch tonight so he’d have some bucks in his pocket tomorrow.


The roaring 20s were an interesting time in our history. A time of fabulous excess even as the prohibition laws attempted to strangle that excess. It was a time when everyday folks became criminals as they used hidden stills to create the whiskey and other spirits they enjoyed.

Dad tells me at one time there was an old still back in the woods behind my uncle's cabin. He wonders if it is still there. I wonder that also. I would love to go looking for it someday. It would be amazing to find a little bit of history tucked away like a treasure.

This rock formation called Jug Rock is found near Shoals, IN. The story goes that the formation looks like a jug with a rock placed on top just like the moonshiners used to do to keep the cork in the jugs when they didn’t fit correctly.

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