Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Live in the Past or Not to Live in the Past

Hey, remember this post from last Wednesday? I ended the post by saying that we should live in the moment and not get lost in the past or too focused on the future.

Well, I have something I want to say about that. Recently, my dad and I spent a week in Southern Indiana. The main reason for the trip was the wedding of my cousin, Steffi, to her high school sweet heart, Florian. They met while Florian was an exchange student from Germany. Now six years later they have joined their lives together. Congrats Steffi and Florian!!

Another purpose of the trip involved family history. Dad is actively researching our family history and since both his and Mom’s family came from the Southern Indiana area the trip was ripe with details of days gone by.

I was enthralled that week as we drove around the area and saw the location of my parent’s first apartment. The location of their first date. The house on New York Avenue where Dad grew up and the one day the street where Grandmother and Grandfather Faries lived. Then there was the general area where my Grandmother and Grandfather had a restaurant when they were first married. It had a name like Easy Stop or something like that….Dad couldn’t remember exactly, but then again that was before his time. Dad told stories of his childhood and young adult years. He told me of the beginnings of his and Mom’s relationship.

Their specialty at the restaurant was BRAIN SANDWICHES! Can I just say yuck!?

During this trip I finally learned all of Granddad’s (my paternal) brothers and sisters. Who knew there were 11 of them!? Charlie, Jack, Owen, Joe, Starry, Patty, Judy, Edith, Ollie Jane, and June! I met Judy and Starry on the Friday while we were there. I am now working on the rest of the Grandparent’s siblings. There were a bunch of them.

Throughout the time we not only talked of family history, but national history. We talked of wars, prohibition, farming, the tough years and the years of plenty. It was a marvelous blending of characters and stories that came alive for me.

I was drawn in not only to the family history but that of our nation. We have a rich history here in the United States. We may not have the long history of other countries, but we have a proud one. We are a country that has fought for our beliefs and the chance to be who we are. The years that birthed our nation and grew it up into what we now know have always fascinated me and as we wandered cemeteries and museums I was transported back to other eras. I was totally entranced and I have new characters and stories running around in my head and looking for ways to get out.

Still on the agenda are the tales of ghosts and moonshine!

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