Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Melting, Melting

Okay, not me, but a kitchen utensil....

This week I was working from home and decided I would make some rice to go with my lunch. I used my Pampered Chef Microwave Rice Cooker; measured in the rice and added water. Made sure (so I thought) to put plenty of water in so it wouldn’t cook dry. Punched the buttons on the microwave and went back to work. Sometime later I smelled something bad and went into the kitchen to check what was up.

The timer showed 3 minutes left in the cooking cycle….I really couldn’t remember when I put it in so I don’t know how long it cooked. Smoke poured out of the microwave when I opened the door. I reached in to grab the cooker but couldn’t touch it because of the heat. Meanwhile, Wilson was in the living room coughing because of the fumes. Using hot pads I tried to move the cooker out of the microwave, but it was melted to the microwave turntable. The outside of the container was sticky and soft. Inside the rice was charred and the clear plastic disc that went in the top to hold in the steam was completed melted through. Thankfully I didn’t have to call the fire department!

It was one of the colder days so far this year and when I opened the windows to air out the house the heater began to run. It continued to run for an hour as I had to keep the windows open to clear out the noxious smoke. I found the cat upstairs on the bed with his nose tucked beneath his paws in an attempt to not have to breathe in the awful smell.

I never had rice for lunch that day. The reek of burnt plastic still lingers in the house and I dont' know if it will ever come out of the microwave. The microwave cooker has been dumped in the trash. I would like to say it was a defective product, but it was Pampered Chef and I know that it couldn’t have been defective. Besides, I have used it many times over the two years I have owned it and I have never had a problem with it. Sad to say, it was more than likely operator error….I either didn’t put enough water in it or put it in for way more time than I thought, probably both.

So, it is no secret that I can be somewhat dangerous in the kitchen. During my short tenure as a Pampered Chef consultant I managed to do several crazy things like sending almonds scattering all over my hostess’ kitchen and then there was the trip to the emergency room because of an unfortunate apple wedger accident. Come to think of it, the majority of my emergency room trips have been the results of kitchen accidents. But, I am brave and I like to cook so I will continue to try things in the kitchen and hope for the best :-)

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