Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm the Short One

I came around the corner of the grocery store aisle on a mission to find the Diet Pepsi and almost ran over a little lady with my cart. She was standing in the middle of the aisle and when she saw me she smiled.

“Can you help me?” she asked. Then she pointed at some bottles on the very top shelf.

She could barely reach the shelf much less the bottles. All she needed was for someone to get several bottles down for her. For one brief moment I felt tall! I helped her and went about by business.

As I finished my shopping I couldn’t help but be amused by that incident. You see, rumor has it that my siblings got all the height in the family while I got all the brains and beauty. Okay, so it’s not really a rumor, but just something I say. While I am not overly short I am the shortest among my siblings. I am not the one people usually ask to reach things on the top shelf. In fact, in my kitchen I have a little stool that I made in 8th grade wood shop. I use it often so I can reach the top shelf of my cabinets. Nope, I’m usually the one asking for help.

This incident made me think. I view certain aspects of my makeup as weaknesses and other aspects as strengths. After helping the lady in the grocery store I realized that’s not necessarily the case. I am what God created me to be. I never know how He may choose to use me; sometimes it will be in what I consider to be my strengths, but others it will be in what I consider to be my weaknesses.

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