Friday, January 22, 2010

321,120 Minutes

That's how long it has been since the earthquake struck Haiti. Nine long days; 223 hours. Still the search goes on, prayers go up, and people hold on.

A survivor was pulled yesterday from what used to be the nicest hotel in Port-au-Prince. We are still waiting for word from David Hames. The page set up on Facebook to provide information has over 900 people now. It is apparent from reading the notes and stories that David is well liked, but many of the followers like myself have never met him. This tragedy is bringing people together. It is bringing people to their knees. It is bringing people back to what is important in life.

We have not given up hope. With God all things are possible and we still believe that David will return to his family. We believe God is working mightily in this situation. We are all planning to celebrate mightily with David, hopefully very soon.

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