Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hope in the Midst of Loss

Last week was a tough week for my company. A week ago today eight good people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It was a reduction in force; a budget decision. It was a hard choice. No one in the company took it lightly. Everyone was affected. For the people who were laid off it was a life changing situation that they had no part in deciding. Those who were left behind feel the guilt and discomfort. No one wants to see this happen. These people were their coworkers, friends. The management feels the weight of what happened. One senior manager told people he could not sleep the night before knowing what was going to happen. We all were saddened at the loss.

During the midst of that awful Wednesday a text came to me with a picture. My friend had delivered a beautiful baby boy at 1:31 that day. It was a joyous occasion. She and her husband have planned for years for this day. They have yearned to share their love with a little one. They have struggled through a long battle of attempting to conceive. And they have suffered the loss of a wee baby before birth. But now their dream of being parents has been fulfilled. This precious baby is a week old and he is treasured. He has amazing parents who will move heaven and earth for him. Momma is quoted as saying, “I am so content, it is a whole new life now.” The expectancy has been completed and now it is time for new life.

Babies are wonderful, aren’t they? They proclaim a sense of hope to the world. I think that babies are God’s way of showing us that He still has faith in the human race. Despite the problems and turmoil of this world, new life is still bestowed on us and for that I am glad. We are blessed by each little one that comes. Their sweetness reminds us of what is good in this world. In the midst of loss there is still hope.

Congratulations to you, my friends! You are loved.

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