Monday, January 11, 2010

The Real McCoy

Four minutes into the biggest game of his football career things went drastically wrong. A hard hit left him with a pinched nerve and no feeling in his arm. He came out of the game and his backup, a first year quarterback who had little playing time, was sent in. The backup played hard, but the game was lost. It was a true story of disappointment and loss. No one would have faulted him for being bitter, but Colt McCoy rose to the occasion and displayed a humility and graciousness that is not often seen in our world today.

I have not been a football fan and I didn’t watch the game. I would have never known about Colt except for the fact that what he did after the game was exceptional and caught the attention of news people around the country. I heard it on the radio the next day.

You see, in the aftermath of the game when the other team was celebrating and being interviewed about their win a reporter talked to Colt and asked him how he felt. He was obviously broken up as he responded. He said it was unfortunate that he didn’t get to play. He congratulated Alabama and went on to say his team fought well and that Garry Gilbert stepped in and played the best he could. Then he gave glory to God.

You can watch his interview here.

This young man is a class act. He has his priorities straight. He was a gracious loser. Colt has been tagged as a promising player in the NFL draft. That future is somewhat uncertain as he recovers from this injury. I can tell you, though, that regardless of what he does in the future he will be a success. And, I can guarantee my readers that if Colt recovers and joins an NFL team I will be a football fan next season!

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