Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mighty Tree

In the middle of the beautiful grounds of the Hotel Montana has stood a mighty mahogany tree for the last 100 years. As the hotel complex grew and changed over the years the building went on around that beautiful tree. On January 12 when the earth shook and buildings came crashing down that mahogany remained standing. There it stands in the midst of piles of concrete and steel that used to be buildings.

That tree has seen much tumult in its history. Haiti has weathered many storms over the last century and the earthquake just poured salt on an open wound. Still, that tree is very much like the Haitian people. They have been shaken, but they remain standing amidst the destruction. They are beautiful and have the will to keep going. One person on site at the Hotel Montana tweeted that she heard singing just over the hills one evening. It was for me a sign that the people will carry on. Life has shaken them, yet they sing.

Tonight I ponder the hardship Haiti has seen and will continue to see while they rebuild. I am somber with thoughts of how many have been lost and how many are still missing including our brother, David Hames. But, just as that tree still stands, our God also stands. I know that He is still in control, that He still loves us, and that He hears our cries. In all the devastation, this much I know is true.

Psalms 40:1-2 "I waited patiently for the Lord, He inclined his ear and heard my cry, And lifted me from the pit, Out of the mud and mire, He set me on a rock and put a new song in my heart."

To view pictures of the hotel and the tree visit the CNN web site

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