Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mmmmm....Musashi Madness

Mmmmmm. Teriyaki chicken at Musashi is to die for. In fact, I am pretty sure they serve it in heaven. For some twenty or more years this chicken has tickled my taste buds and headlined my cravings.

Oh yes, I love Musashi!

Many a birthday celebration took place at the restaurant. At least one first date happened there. When I lived in Oregon I dreamed of finding a way to have teriyaki chicken shipped to me. When I returned to visit it was the one place that was always on my list.

Over the years the food has remained virtually the same. I know when I walk in there that the teriyaki chicken will please. It will be as good as I remembered. It will be like finding a long lost friend. Oh yeah, it is that good.

Honestly, though, it’s more than great chicken. It’s the whole experience. The little restaurant has a distinctive Japanese look. Red lanterns light the entry way. By the door is the little bowl of salt that Japanese custom says keeps the evil spirits away.

Inside, sweet little oriental ladies wearing traditional Japanese kimonos wait to seat me at one of  the large hibachi tables. My table mates may have come with me or they may be someone I’ve never met. The waitress brings the warm, moist towels used to cleanse the hands before dinner. I love those towels. The comfort of the warmth just makes me want to bury my hands in them until the heat dissipates.

Yep, I love this place.

Chefs in their big hats roll their carts up to the table. They start with a little fire show. The grill lights up with the flames. Using a spatula each plate gets a touch of the show.

Veggies are grilled. Meats are sliced, diced and cooked to perfection. Again the plates are filled with alcohol and set aflame. Shrimp is flipped onto plates. Knives shimmer as they perform maneuvers that would land me in the ER were I to try them. It’s more than dinner, it’s a show.

The food is worth the wait. From the broth soup through the house dressing on the salad into the zucchini and onions the carnival for my taste buds culminates in the oh so tangy and sweet teriyaki chicken.

I am tempted to write poetry to the chicken; a love sonnet for my teriyaki.

It has been too long since I have partaken of the delights, too long since my sis and I had a girl’s night out. We shouldn’t have waited for so long for either one. But never fear, a birthday is coming and that means another opportunity to enjoy the deliciousness.

Did I mention that I love Musashi?

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