Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roller Coaster Emotions

Generally, I like roller coasters. I love the chug-chug-chug to get up the hills and then swooshing down with the wind in my hair and my heart in my throat. Generally is about 98% of the time. I didn’t like the time the coaster stopped half way up the first hill and we hung in mid air for 45 minutes while the maintenance folks fixed the track ahead.

The emotional roller coaster of the last two weeks has ranked in the 2% that I don’t like. It has been a tough ride and I can only imagine if it is this hard for me, how incredibly, virtually impossible it must be for David’s wife and family. Thoughts swing between vibrant hope and knowing that God can bring him home and the devastating thoughts of it’s been so long and is our hope running out.

Today brought the chugging up the slope of continuing to search. It was broken by an incomplete report that stated a man had been rescued alive at the Montana. As I whooshed down the track my ride ground quickly to a crawl when it was revealed that a survivor was found, but not at the Montana. I am grateful Renee has people around her to protect her from this reports. She has a hard enough ride right now already.

All I can say at this point is that my heart weeps for his family. I pray fervently that God will answer the prayers to bring David home to his family. His life on earth should not be completed yet. He is only 40, his boys are young, and the love of his life hasn’t had time to fully love him. Please God, the prayers continue, let tomorrow be our miracle.

On Monday I wrote about revival in my life. I struggled with that post and have for the last two days. Was it the right thing to write? It is true, but I shudder to think that anyone would believe that I am happy over the tragedy that brought it. I also wonder about the people who will read what I wrote and misunderstand my words to say that God created this situation just to bring revival to me. Please, please know that neither of these statements is true. Oftentimes our lessons come during times of great despair and problems. But this isn’t because God wills this; it is because with God there is beauty in the worst of circumstances.

I have more thoughts about lessons in the muddle of this, but I have already focused too much on me and not enough on the true nature of my need to post here. Right now David and his family need to be the focus. They need our prayers and support. They need our love. Please join me in lifting our voices to the Lord in supplication for our brother David! Please ask the Lord to bring him home!

Photo courtesy of Teressia Ward Zack

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