Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Angry!

I am angry!

Anger is one of those emotions that people are encouraged to deal with but not hold on to and definitely not show. I’m sure you have heard the saying “don’t go to bed angry.” Get over your anger, tamp it down, go to counseling, anger management. The reality, though, is that there is such a thing as righteous anger. Anger that is spurred by the injustices in our world and goads us into action can be considered righteous anger.

I am angry!

It is true. It doesn’t eat away at me. It doesn’t cause me to lash out at my family, friends, or coworkers. But the wrath bubbles up and it inspires me. It drives me to fight a battle I never wanted to fight but I am right in the middle. I can’t back away at this point. I have been called into this battle and I will continue on until the source of my wrath no longer exists.

My enemy has a name – Lewy. He is a thief. His work causes devastation, loss of hope, frustration. Lewy destroys everything he touches. Lewy isn’t a person. He’s a disease that afflicts over 800,000 people in the United States. Read more about Lewy here.

Lewy took my mom in the prime of her life. That was when the fight was on.

Sadly, there are many people in my life right now who have been touched by Lewy. Some are at the end of their loved ones journey and some are just getting started. My heart breaks every time I read or talk to someone who is just starting down this road. I can’t bear the thought of what Lewy does to these people we love.

I am angry!

But, my angry stirs me to fight. It causes me to go on no matter how hard the battle becomes. I continue because people need to know they are not alone. I continue because someday we will conquer the enemy. I dream of the day Lewy is nothing but a bad memory that can no longer hurt anyone. Until then I funnel my anger into the battle.

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  1. Be angry!! BE VERY ANGRY!! I am angry too. It fuels the want to fight and the desire to win.
    We never get anywhere just sitting down doing nothing.

    Talk, write, encourage, educate, hope and remember.

    I, as well as countless others, fight with you. Side by side until Lewy is no longer in charge. One way or another.

    Your comrade in arms,