Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I read with interest a post today by McNair Wilson today on his blog Tea with McNair. In a great post entitled Volcano vs. Earthquake he puts a little perspective on the volcano eruption in Iceland that is interfering with air travel across Europe.

While the volcano has cost airlines money and stranded many travelers it has not claimed any lives. In contrast the earthquake in Haiti killed at least 150,000 and left an entire city virtually homeless.  It has been three months and the country is still reeling from this devasting occurrence.

Life in Europe will return to normal. Travel will soon again be safe and things will go on. But life returning to normal is still a long way off for Haiti. They continue to need our help and our prayers.

McNair worked at Compassion International for a year and as with everything he does he embraced the company's mission with gusto. So, his support and recommendation for the work Compassion does is enough for me. Please visit his blog and read Volcano vs. Earthquake to find out more about the work Compassion International does in Haiti.


  1. Thanks, T.
    People have no idea how just a little ($10) can do SO MUCH.


  2. Hi Tamara,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post regarding my mom's diagnosis with Lewy Body Dementia; the support has been such a blessing and comfort to me! I'm really sorry you lost your mom after battling LBD with her! It is such a hard thing to go through! I have read back through a little of the archives of your blog and am so thankful you have shared your story and thankful for what you are doing for others affected by Lewy Body Dementia! We are still in the early phase of dealing with it, but can already see the support from others who really know and have been there will be priceless!

    Do you mind if I ask you a question? How did your mom fill her time early on in the disease. So far this is a big struggle with my mom. Due to symptoms she had to stop working a year ago (her husband still works), but she still has some of her go-go personality and really doesn't like doing nothing all day, so her depression has gotten worse. I struggle trying to figure out what she can do even with all the forgetfulness; I pick her up to run errands with me and go places with the kids, but that's not a good solution for every day. Any help you can offer is so appreciated! My email is itfeelslikechaos@yahoo.com