Monday, April 12, 2010

A Saltine by Any Other Name

Is a macaroon!

The truth is I am experiencing some writer's block. I have lots of ideas bouncing around, but I can't seem to get them down on the computer in any coherent manner yet.  This seemingly random sentence is my way of an explanation for the fluff posts recently. So, here we go about macaroons!

Saturday nights my local family have the tradition of going to church with Dad and then having dinner. This started out when Mom was still alive and she couldn't get to church. I would stay with her while the others went to church. I would cook dinner while they were gone. Now we rotate so every third Saturday is my night to cook.

This week was my week to cook again and I came up with a menu of chicken-apple salad, caprese pizzas, and coconut macademia macaroons. The surprise is that the macaroon recipe came from the side of a Premium Saltine box and included 30 saltine crackers.

I couldn't resist the idea of an easy macaroon recipe so I gave it a whack....literally! The recipe called for 30 crackers finely crushed. So I got out the rolling pin and beat those crackers to a pulp :-)

The cookies were delicious and definitely something I will make again.

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