Friday, April 30, 2010

Confession Time

I'm kinda crushing on the World Wide Web right now. It's true. Those who are around me a lot have heard me talk about the Magic of Facebook or my buddy Wiki.

How could you not be a little bit infatuated with such a wonderful invention that allows you to connect with like minded people around the world and provide you with fabulous information at the tap of a few fingertips!?!

Just the other day I had to enlighten several youngsters in my office about the joy of Romper Room. You can read all about that on my Wednesday post from earlier this week. Well, it has been many years since Romper Room was in its heyday so I turned to Wiki and he coughed up the info I needed. One youngster said, "Thank you that was very informative."

Then there was the day that someone asked "How old is Sesame Street?" Hmmm, I'm noticing a theme here. But just type in the secret words - and then ask your question. Bingo, just like that you have an answer.

Well, and just today at lunch Yahoo popped up and asked "Why do ladybugs have spots?" I couldn't help but click on the question to see the answer. Apparently it might have something do with warning other animals to not eat them because they might taste bad or be poisonous. It appears to be a thing in the insect/animal kingdom that bright colors are to warn others off. I don't know how true this is; it sounds a little suspect, but I didn't have any more lunch hour left to go in search of verification.

Then there's the poor beleaguered Facebook. They seem to have major security problems and you do have to be careful. But, where else can you connect with cousins who you haven’t spent a lot of time with, former school mates, other people with similar interests? It truly has been a fun adventure for me to get to know people I may never have had a chance to meet before. Like my buddy in Boston who is a fellow Lewy volunteer? Facebook has shown me that she truly is an amazing woman with a huge heart for helping others. Or the writers who have befriended me and allowed me to get a glimpse of what the life of a published author is like.

I even have a farm on Facebook, although today they asked me for email address to even get to my farm and now I am not so sure I will continue that. Sad day if I don’t since I enjoyed my virtual farming.

And Twitter! I just am getting started on Twitter, but I am following THE Tom Hanks and how cool is it to get tweets during the day about what is happening on the set of his most recent film! Tweets from Tom just make my day!

So, my love affair with the web has grown and I am okay with that. I do have to remind myself to stop surfing sometimes and go to bed. Will it ever get out of control and take over my life? I don’t know. Let me Google that to see what my buddy has to say about it!


  1. I LOVE my computer. All my friends live in it!!

    I just about live in there too. As a near shut in due to care giving it is my link to the outside world, FB has me connected to family and friends far and wide. My church family is connected and my prayer warriors are available. I can share info and pictures and prayer requests. I don't feel so isolated.

    I even have a couple of Lewy friends :)

    I'm a farmer and (whispers) Mafia family member ;-) I even started my own city in Social City
    I'm a very busy woman to do anything else LOL!!

    Welcome to my world :)

  2. See Kathy, I knew there was a reason I liked you!