Friday, April 2, 2010

Kitchi on the Lam

The local news has been amusing me recently. You see, last week four North American River Otters escaped from the local zoo. Three of the four otters were quickly discovered elsewhere in the zoo, but Kitchi has made a clean break.

I have visions of Marty from Madagascar in search of the wild. Kitchi has tasted his freedom and he has no desire to return to the confines of the zoo. He's been keeping a low profile although there have been sightings of him south of the zoo. So far he has managed to keep out of the way of the authorities and avoid capture.

An article in our paper today said that zoo officials haven't given up hope, but that the trail has definitely gone cold at this point.

It may not be kosher for me to say this, but "Run, Kitchi, Run!"


  1. Madagascar in real time! Hilarious...

  2. Awesome. There's a book in that . . .

  3. I couldn't help myself....I love the story of Kitchi. Of course, nay sayers are reminding me he probably has been eaten by a mountain lion, but I prefer to believe that he is living the high life in his own personal wild adventure!