Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue Big Blankie Makes the Blog

Blue Big Blankie has been around for years. He is so named because when little man was a wee babe he had a little Blue Taggie Blankie; then Blue Big Blankie came along. Both were named because of their attributes. As time went on he grew too old to need Taggie anymore so it was packed in a box for another day….maybe his own wee babe one day down the road.

Blue Big Blankie was such a part of his life. Remember Linus and his blanket in the Peanuts Gang? Blue hasn’t quite come to the rescue as much as Linus’ blanket, but Blue is right up there when it comes to security blankets.

He is five now so his need for Blue is dwindling. In the past it went everywhere with him – school (daycare), church, bed, etc. These days it hangs out on his bed until bedtime and then it fulfills its duty. Recently when I stayed with him for a while he crawled into my bed around 2 am with his teddy bear and Blue Big Blankie. The bad dreams made it hard to sleep in his own room even with the security of his old friend, Blue.

Slowly he is outgrowing the needed security blanket. When I picked him up at school one day and forgot to bring it home he didn’t miss it until bedtime. When he realized it was at school he asked for a substitute blanket and everything was fine. Someday soon Blue will get packed away with his old friend, Taggie. His job will be done for the time being.

I have a security blanket, too. Despite my advancing age :-) He goes with me everywhere. There is not a day I don’t leave the house without Him and not a night that He is not there with me as I drift off to sleep. He is always there even when I sometimes get busy with my life and forget about Him. My security blanket is not physical, yet He comforts me in the same way that Blue Big Blankie comforts my nephew. My security, too, has names that describe His characteristics –

…for the LORD is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap. ~Proverbs 3:26

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