Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

Life turned on Camden Bristow and so she turned to the only place she knew to go for refuge – her grandmother Rosalie. When Camden arrived on Crescent Hill the last thing she found was refuge. Grandma Rosalie had passed away and left her old, ailing mansion to Camden. Without Rosalie there is nothing left for Camden in Etherton, OH.

However, she soon finds there is more to the house than meets the eye. As she tries to deal with the news of her grandmother’s death and that she is now the owner of a 150 year old house, she realizes she is not the only occupant of the house. Are the old stories of ghosts haunting the house true?

Refuge on Crescent Hill is the new release by Melanie Dobson. True to form, Melanie has taken past and present and wound them together in an intriguing story that will keep the reader glued to their seat until the last page is turned.

As Camden searches for the truth of what has happened in her grandmother’s life during her absence, she also seeks a buyer for the house. Her determination that the old house not be torn down creates problems. The house on the hill has been part of the Etherton history for 150 years and Camden wants to preserve that history. Alex Yates is more than happy to take the property off of Camden’s hands, but will he be able to honor her wishes to keep the house intact?

This novel quickly became a favorite of mine. Melanie has a knack for creating strong feminine characters that draw me into the story and I found myself not wanting to leave.

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