Monday, June 7, 2010

The Game of Life

Life behind bars wasn’t as bad as I had heard. The people loved me. I made them laugh and wowed them when I raised my hand to greet them with a big high five. I was spoiled and pampered. It really was a pretty cool time. I knew the time would have to come to an end sometime. I decided to go the online route. I got my picture posted on a web site and who couldn’t help but be charmed by my handsome face and winning personality?

I don’t like to reveal much about my life before. It doesn’t bear repeating. I believe the past should remain in the past. What is important is what my life is like now. For me that’s the game of life, moving forward.

She was persistent; once she had seen my picture she couldn’t resist me. Truth be told I couldn’t resist her either. Don’t tell her that, though, it spoils the illusion of me being my own man. She told me the whole story after I came into her life.

When my profile continued to show on the web site several weeks after she had been told I was taken, she had to check into it. She sent the email and waited, barely able to breathe until she knew. When the response came that I was still available she called her sister. She was so excited; this may be the one she gushed during that call. She couldn’t wait to meet me in person.

I tried to act indifferent when I first met her. I yawned, looked around, tried my best to be nonchalant. Thankfully, she didn’t buy the act. She said, “He’s the one I want.” The deal was done.

She drove to her house. I was nervous and it showed. She talked sweetly to me and encouraged me. I thought I would give it a try and see what happened.

When we got to the house I prowled around. I wanted to check it out. If I was going to be living here I wanted to make sure it was acceptable. It didn’t take long for us to settle into a routine. She learned my habits. I learned hers.

Honestly, life is better here than behind bars. I’m still not talking about my past, but this is definitely better. I wouldn’t go back to the way it was. That’s the game of life. Sometimes the unexpected is just what we need.

In my game of life, I rule the house now. Okay, I admit, I humor her with her rules like not getting up on the dining table, kitchen counters, the computer or piano. Still she has cleared off the coffee table for me. I drink from a glass on that table. I have my toys all over so they are ever ready when I awake from my nap. I love that she leaves the card board boxes around for several days for me to have fun with. I really am easy to please and she really does want me to be happy.

My name is Wilson, the cat. I have found a good human and I love her in my kitty cat way. She loves me, tells me so several times a day. We make a good pair. The game of life has been good to me.

Today I celebrate two years of being momma to my sweet Wilson. I wrote this for a Faithwriters weekly challenge in September 2008 and thought it would be appropriate to publish it here today.


  1. And I thought you were talking about a different online match.
    P.S. Happy Homecoming Wilson!
    Pop Pop

  2. Ah Daddy, I knew when I sent the email with that subject line it would get attention :-)

    Wilson loves his Pop Pop!

    Thanks, Kathy!