Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes the Sugar Cookies are Rancid

One thing for sure is that life is never boring. My momma always said there’s just too much happening to be bored and she was, as she was pretty much all the time, right. Life had been clipping right along in a pretty standard state when, bam, things just went all wonky and now life is different. That’s the way it happens and that’s the way things keep from getting boring.

I have recently blogged about changes that have me out on a limb and because of those changes the last few weeks have been a little catawampus. But, I think this will be the new normal for me for a while and I am okay with that. Anything but boring!

Last weekend I took a long weekend and did some house sitting for friend. She has a wonderful house that she affectionately calls the Tumbleweed Inn. It was a great time for me to relax, think, pray, and decide how I wanted to proceed with my newly askew life.

Part of my duties this week was to take care of the two lovable family pets.

Ginger is their 15 year old dog who is blind. He was just the sweetest guy. I mean, can you resist this adorable face!?! I couldn’t, except when it came to the no people-food rule. Since he was having some cranky tummy problems I was strong and resisted his big, brown puppy dog eyes that he worked to the max whenever he detected food.

As sweet as Ginger is, Jenny the kitty cat just stole my heart. I am pretty sure that if my Wilson didn’t insist that his momma is a one cat woman I might have “accidently” packed Jenny in my suit case and brought her home with me. But, I was a good girl and left her with her family.

I had great views from the living room and the patio in back. It was so peaceful I snapped a lot of pics to try to capture the feeling.

The seating arrangment at the bottom of this pic is where I sat and contemplated my Night Music post for Wednesday.

Overall, it was just what I needed after the hectic pace of life for the last few years. It felt good to have the time to slow down and cogitate on life.

When I returned home after this little get away my sweet Wilsie was a little put out with me. He was spoiled quite well by his Pop Pop, his Auntie, and his Cousin, but he wanted to make sure I knew he wasn’t happy to be left behind so I could go take care of someone else’s animals. He has finally come around and is insistent that I let him type and add something to this post. He probably wants to tell you that after being left behind I went out to dinner tonight and stayed away for FOUR hours chatting it up with my friend. I love my Wilsie!

So, last night after having been away I came home to find my advanced reader copy of Jennifer Valent’s book that is due out in October 2010. I was so excited I dropped everything else and sat down to read. I am half way through and have not been disappointed. Thanks Tyndale House for providing this copy so I can help spread the word about this great book.

Late in the evening as I was reading I had a craving, but had very little food in the house. Desperate for something I looked at a decorative sugar cookie I had around for a while. You know the type; they are just too pretty to eat. Well, in a moment of insanity I decided to give it a try. I mean, it has been around a while, but surely it would be okay. It’s been wrapped tightly. It was just time. So, I tentatively unwrapped it and looked it over. There was a little mold on one side, but I could eat the other side, right. I took a small bite anticipating the sweet taste. I love sugar cookies! Bazzinga, the joke was on me. The cookie was rancid and that little bit filled my mouth with the bitterest taste imaginable. I learned my lesson; giving in to cravings in the middle of the night is never a good idea. Oh and sugar cookies should come with an expiration date!

Drum Roll please. The big news for today is that my big brother is having a birthday! I won’t tell you how old he is, but he is older than me ;-) Happy Birthday Big Brother, may your coming year be as sweet as I am!

There you have it; my slightly awry life - mostly good, but every once in a while a rancid sugar cookie.

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