Monday, November 8, 2010

Sisterly Love

Today I am thankful that God has given me two amazing sisters. I love my sisters like crazy. They are so very different and yet so much alike and they enrich my life in so many ways.

Christina is sweet and quiet. She makes me laugh with her subtle sense of humor. I admire the way she takes what life hands her and keeps on going. She has two sons; one 14 and the other 7. She was such a girlie girl growing up that I imagined her having little girls to dress up and do their hair. But she has these two incredible, energetic boys and so she learns to fish and skeet shoot and all the other things that boys do.
She once was the sister who wanted to borrow my sweaters and who the boys in high school wanted to get close to me so they could get a date with her. Then she grew up into this beautiful woman who is someone I would choose as my friend if she hadn't been a built-in friend called a sister.

Teresa is the baby of the family. She is spicy and strong. She was sometimes a bratty little sister...all the siblings were bratty, weren't they at one time? Today she is witty, beautiful, intelligent and such a good friend to me. Her strength through the years has been insurmountable. She takes life by the horns and wrestles it to the ground. Her two kids are as different as night and day yet she is there for both of them. I love that she is in a new phase of her life and that she is embracing it with gusto. Her new found verve as a stay-at-home mom makes me tired sometimes but impresses me at the same time. When she rattles off the different types of spiced pumpkin seeds she made or the homemade coffee syrups she created I just have to smile.

Having sisters is definitely one of the best parts of my life. Thank you, God, for blessing me so richly with these two fantastic sisters!

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