Monday, November 15, 2010

'Tis the Season!

‘Tis the season for trees, holly, mistletoe, presents, good will, and the jolly fat man in his red suit. Do you believe in Santa? Do you believe in the spirit of love, giving, and childlike wonder at the world that is Santa? Do you keep that feeling in your heart year round? I know that I can say I do believe in all that Santa represents and I try to keep the spirit year round, but sometimes I fail to do that.

I’ve been watching The Santa Clause movies as I get into the holiday mood. In the 2nd movie there is a scene which just gets me every time I watch it. Imagine a junior high school gymnasium/auditorium filling with adults in red and green. It’s the faculty Christmas party. Everyone’s standing around drinking punch; bored out of their skulls. Then Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus jumps up on stage and starts handing out presents. In each of those presents is something that the teachers loved as children. Soon the party has turned from dull to hopping as the grownups reconnect with their childlike spirit. They are suddenly enjoying life again.

I love this scene. Each time I watch it I think, “Why can’t we remember this in the darkest days of winter in February and March? Or during the dog days of summer? Or those early days of the season when we are complaining about the commercialism of the season with Christmas stuff out in stores by Halloween?”

Because really, Christmas isn’t about the decorations or buying the perfect gift. It’s about love and wonder and that should be something we hold in our hearts all year round. It’s just so easy to forget that. I know because I do it all the time. I get caught up in adult life and my heart gets full of thoughts of paying bills and getting oil changes and being on time for work. It drags the childlike qualities right out of my life. What’s a girl to do when that happens?

Well, this girl gets in touch with her roots by having fun with the nieces and nephews. Or she watches a silly movie. She pushes all the adult stuff to the side for a few minutes and rolls on the floor with her kitty cat. She tries to look at life through the eyes of a five year old or a fifteen year old. Some say I don’t act my age all the time and I say, “More power to me, baby!”

What do you do to keep your childlike spirit alive and well?

Today I am thankful for the holiday season that reminds us to love and be thankful for the things in our life.

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