Monday, May 31, 2010

In Flander's Field

In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row on row, ~John McCrae, In Flander’s Field

Today is Memorial Day. A day for the working people to take a break. A day that signals for many the start of the summer season. Today the barbeques will be rolled out; pools will be filled. Today we will join our families and friends in celebration.

Hopefully, today we will also remember the significance of this day; the real reason for the holiday. Memorial Day began its humble life not as a harbinger of summer, but as a time to honor those who have given their lives during the battles fought in wars, both domestic and foreign. As far back as the Civil War there have been days of remembrance for the soldiers who died.

War has always been a controversial subject. As with most of life, there will be those who support and those who decry the value of war. The men and women who join the armed forces take a vow to protect our country. They don’t get a big say in what that means. The Commander in Chief and the Congress ultimately make the decision to go to war. These men and women serve in the wars because that is what their job requires. They know when they take the vow that they may be asked to do these things. They know they may sacrifice their lives or their well being. They go because they promised they would. They go because they believe in this country.

We should honor them for their desire to protect and serve. We need to recognize that they are not the ones making the decisions that lead to war. Calling them names, offering derision for their service, or protesting at funerals is just not right. I know that the vast majority of people out there do appreciate all our vets do for the country. It is a minority who take out their frustrations of the war on the wrong segment of the population. The problem is the minority is very vocal. We who support the men and women of the armed forces need to be just as vocal to make sure they know they are appreciated.

Won’t you join me today in honoring those who have died in their service to the country and saluting those who are currently serving!?! And, won’t you also continue to join me each day in remembering their sacrifices?

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  1. Hey Tamara! How are those writing goals coming? Thanks for saying hi on my Scribble Chicks post!

  2. This a very nice post. It is important that we not forget the real meaning for Memorial Day. I love your header up top, by the way. Makes me homesick for the Rockies.