Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 Years

The dreams became reality. The kids ran through the house leaving their finger prints on the walls, windows, and his and her hearts. There were diapers, moves, lost teeth, bills to be paid, school plays and teenage drama. Through it all they stood by each other’s side. For better, for worse.

Worse came in 2007 just after they celebrated 47 years of marriage. Lewy Body Dementia took her much too young. But Lewy couldn’t negate all those years of better. It couldn’t drown out all the years of love and laughter. Lewy couldn’t conquer the legacy of love that was started the day.

Today we commemorate 50 years since Mom and Daddy said “I do.” It’s bittersweet that Mom isn’t here to celebrate with us, but we know she’s looking down from heaven on the family their love built and smiling. We are celebrating the love they shared and the love that Daddy still has for his beautiful bride.

I love you Daddy! And I love you, Angel Mommy!

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