Friday, October 15, 2010

Do You Know Lewy?

Do you know Lewy? It’s easy to think that dementia such as Lewy or Alzheimer’s affect older people. Truth is, though, that dementia has no age limit on either end of the spectrum. In fact, I am hearing of more people who are young with symptoms of Lewy.

I would like to give you a brief glimpse of Lewy.

Lewy is one of my Facebook friends who is in his mid 40s, just a few years older than me. He writes frequently on Facebook about his struggles. I admire his outlook on life and the desire to make a difference for other people even in the face of what having Lewy means.

Lewy is the husband of another friend I also met through cyberspace who is also my age. She blogs about how Lewy has changed their lives. She deals with some tough things in life right now. Through it all the love for her husband shines through. Years ago she promised to love him and that is exactly what she does. No matter how hard life is with Lewy she does what needs to be done to care for him.

Lewy is the woman who bravely nursed her father through his battle with the disease. Now she has been diagnosed with probably Lewy also. Still, she puts herself out there to give support and love to other Lewy caregivers because she’s been there. And she’s not afraid to speak out about how it is affecting her.

Lewy is the mother of a married daughter. Day in and day out she sees Lewy affecting her mother. She is doing everything she can to help make her mother’s life better. In her search to improve quality of life she isn’t afraid to try the unconventional therapies in addition to what little medicine has to offer.

No, dementia knows no boundaries. It doesn’t discriminate in regards to gender, age, or race. It can strike anyone. Please remember these and the millions of others who are walking every day in the shadow of Lewy. They need our love, support, and to know they are not alone.

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