Friday, May 28, 2010

100 Moments in Time - Dry

100 moments in time has come in handy in the last few weeks as I work through the transitions in my life.

This picture was taken on my grandfather's farm at the end of the growing season a couple of years ago. The corn has been harvested and the stalks have just begun to dry out. It is the end of one phase of life right before the next phase of resting and replenishing begins.

#27 - Dry

I remember visiting the farm when I was a little girl. It was such a different world for me, having spent all my
life in cities. I remember thinking that I was so different from my cousins. In some ways that is true, but as an adult I cherish the ways that my cousins and I are connected and don't focus on how different we are.

One memory I have is being up at Uncle Johnny's house (I think that's right) the summer before we went to Germany. I was about 10 years old. As the adults hung out in the house talking and reminiscing we kids found ways to amuse ourselves. There was much to explore on the old farm. The house was at the top of a hill. A forest lined one side of the gravel road that led up to the house. A corn field lined the other side. Being early in the season the corn was sweet and young. We would pull an ear off and munch on the corn. Sometimes when I take frozen corn right out of the freezer I will munch on a few frozen kernels. There is something in the taste that reminds me of that summer.

Speaking of Uncle Johnny's house, the thing I find amusing and sometimes frustrating about the area is that people have lived there for so long everyone knows things like Uncle Johnny's house or the old Fickas Farm, etc. These are the landmarks that are used to give directions. Problem for a city girl like me is you can't MapQuest or ask GPS to find the Old Fickas Farm! And, surprisingly enough, a dyed in the wool Fickas like me didn't know where the Old Fickas Farm was for many years. I do now; my uncle Randy and his family live there now. It is on the way to the Uncle Kevin's "cabin" where I have stayed when I visit. Sometime I will have to tell you about the "cabin," but that's another post. I will tell you , though, that the cabin is my idea of a perfect place to retreat from the world and write a novel.


  1. Hey now! That's the way we give directions around here ;-)
    Much the same way we give out recipe's.
    A pinch, a dab, a dash :)

    Cabin sounds lovely. I hope you get the opportunity to take advantage of it :)

  2. Sorry Kathy, didn't mean to offend ;-) I just tend to have to drive around the block several times to find places so any help MapQuest or GPS can give me is greatly welcomed!