Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Song of Myself

"I sing a song of myself, as others have done for me, but none have sung a song quite like this because this one is mine, and there will never be any like me."

~Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

I found this quote on Tea with McNair and liked it so well I had to share. If you haven't visited McNair's Tea Blog you really must take the time to stop by there soon. McNair lives his life with enthusiasm and his blog is so contagious it's hard not to want to join in. He believes that we are all created to play a role in creation and that if we don't step into that role creation is incomplete. His post on Monday, May 24 was short and sweet. It started with him sharing the words of Walt Whitman. To end this post he encourages his readers to "feel the warm embrace of your Creator who smiles each moment you are singing the song that is your life."

This post spoke straight to my heart. Recently I made changes in my life. I was pushed into these changes, but now that I am here I am choosing to step out in faith while actively pursuing my writing. It's a little scary out here on this limb, but I believe that it is time for me to sing the song of myself because this is what the Lord created me to do.

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