Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life on the Limb

Yesterday I was inspired by words written by the famous Mr. Whitman and shared by McNair Wilson on his blog Tea with McNair. In that short post I wrote that I felt out on a limb and that I found it a little scary. McNair read my post then was inspired to write his own response regarding being out on a limb and the opportunities that exist there. I, in turn, felt inspired to write my own post about being out on a limb.

All this inspiring has my head spinning a little right now, but that’s okay.

I used the term “out on a limb” to describe my current situation. You see I recently made changes in my life that allow me to more intently focus on the things that I believe God is calling me to – my writing and supporting caregivers. These changes weren’t something I seriously ever thought about making. I dreamed about them, but the possibility of me ever being able to do so seemed so distant. I am a girl who likes a certain amount of security and stability in her life. But, circumstances (some within my control and some beyond my control) backed me into a corner and here I am. It was a choice of continue on a path that I wasn’t happy on and that was stifling my creativity and energy or make a change. I chose to make the change and step out in faith.

I am out on a limb without my safety net which honestly was really more like Linus with his security blanket. Warm and fuzzy, but not very effective at keeping me safe. For many years I, as McNair so eloquently described the action, clung to the tree trunk to ensure my net wouldn’t fail me. The problem with this whole situation was that my security blanket was no more effective at keeping life in order than Linus’ blanket. I was building my own safety net and I can tell you I wasn’t secure in its strength. Thus I hugged the tree for dear life. Now, though, my eyes are seeing things differently.

I am seeing things through God’s eyes. God doesn’t want me to be a tree hugger. He wants me to step out onto the limb. It is there that sweet fruit of opportunity is found. It is there that I am learning to trust His safety net more than my own. It is there that I will learn to live the life He created me for. He has beckoned me to let go of the trunk, trust Him, and enjoy life on the limb.

So, here I am, on the limb, letting go of my fear and trusting God to be my safety net.

"Look at the proud! They trust in themselves, and their lives are crooked; but the righteous will live by their faith.” Hab2:4


  1. Tammie, for years Carl and I didn't go out on the limbs and trust God. He crushed our tree because we were trusting it to take care of us more than Him. We have since climbed a new tree and are choosing to stay on the limbs! We have found the view is prettier. We can see things other than the branches. We are daily finding new limbs to venture out on. It is an amazing journey and I hope we never again find the trunk because the limbs are so much more safe....ironic isn't it!

  2. Ironic, yes; but totally the way God works!