Monday, May 3, 2010

God of the Ridiculous

My visions and dreams are Ridiculous…just like God wants them! This was the status update posted by my friend today and it made me smile. The pastor at the church I went to when I lived in Oregon used to say, “We worship the God of the ridiculous.” When a person first hears this it sounds like the pastor is off his rocker, but think about it a minute.

The Bible is full of affirmations about this statement. Really, if you were God would you ask people to build ginormous boats when it hasn’t rained for a while? Would you show yourself to people in the form of a burning bush? How about promising a couple to make them the parents of nations, but wait until they are well past child bearing years to start fulfilling that promise? And then, think about His plan for salvation. He sent his son to be born of a virgin. Then to work out His plan He had the same son tortured and hung on a cross.

Seriously, it’s no wonder that non-believers are skeptical with the stories of the Bible. But, in the ridiculousness is the beauty of this plan. He knew what He was doing. Remember Lazarus? Dead in the grave for three days before Jesus showed up and raised him from the dead. There was no doubt in this situation. Lazarus was dead. His sister berated Jesus for waiting so long that He let her brother die. Then Jesus called him out of the grave and Lazarus came out. The dead returns to life. That sounds ridiculous and doesn’t happen every day, but God did it.

Sure, our God has done some really crazy things. Those crazy things just prove that our God is truly awesome. He wants for people to know that He can do what He says He can do. And he can do much more than the false gods we tend to want to worship. He wants us to have visions and dreams that are ridiculous. He wants us to trust in Him and His abilities. The gods of this world don’t do ridiculous things because they can’t. God can do anything and so we need to keep dreaming ridiculous dreams!

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