Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joyful Journey

Today it has been four months since the earthquake in Haiti. In some ways it seems the time has gone so fast. But, then again I am not in David’s inner circle. I only “know” him through mutual friends. I can only imagine what the four months have been like for David’s family and close friends. Time changes in the months after the death of a loved one. It stretches and distorts and spins in crazy circles.

Today I was reminded once again just how acutely that quake really shook the world. I pray for the Hames family frequently and I am grateful they have people around them who love them; those friends who come in during the tough times and don’t go back out. One of those friends writes a blog called Joyful Journey.

Joy wrote a beautiful blog post called The Price of Friendship today. She has been called to love Renee through this loss. This is something she would have done anyway because of their friendship, but she has found out what it means to lay down her life for a friend.

I admire Joy and this post is just one of the reasons for that admiration. Joy writes from the heart. Her blog isn’t about being fancy or grabbing attention. It is about her living her life, her joyful journey.

At times like this her journey isn’t necessarily joyful, but she is faithful. She will walk this road with Renee until they reach the end. She will continue to listen to the call and do the things that are being asked of her. She will lay down her life for her friend as many times as it takes.

The second post she wrote today included the words of a song she wrote for Renee. It is a testament of Joy’s love for the Lord and her friend. She sang this song for Renee and I can only imagine how it touched Renee’s heart. It touched mine and brought tears to my eyes. I encourage you to visit Joy’s blog and read her post and the words of her song.

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